temp10. Dec. 13, 2005: -13 degrees

9. Jan 19, 1994: -15 degrees

8. Jan 1., 1970: -16 degrees

7. Jan. 6, 1996: -16 degrees

6. Dec. 25, 1980: -18 degrees

5. Jan. 4, 1981: -19 degrees

4. Jan. 15, 1957: -20 degrees

3. Jan. 31, 1948: -25 degrees

2. Jan 19, 1971: -28  degrees

1. This morning, on my thermometer outside when my dogs decided they suddenly needed to pee ungodly early: -5 degrees … -25 with wind chill.

These aren’t  necessarily the record lows — they’re just a collection of extremely unpleasant temperatures. In case anyone is wondering, these data come from various surrounding cities since the one-horse town in which I reside is too dinky to have any easily searchable weather data online.


One thought on “Top 10 Reasons I Hate Living in Upstate New York

  1. Maryland has only fared slightly better, being at -5 degrees when you facotr in wind chill.

    Hopefully Charlotte didn’t end up peeing an icicle when you took her out that morning!

    I’ve also heard of the unique phenomenon in the area called “ithacation,” where it can be raining in the valleys and snowing in the mountains.

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