In theory, his life might sound rather ordinary — he went to college, got a degree in English, worked in journalism a bit, and now works in computers. Once you read the semi-autobiographical Klub Kids, though, you quickly realize his life has been anything but ordinary. Just released on December 31st, Klub Kids is raucous ride through Johnny’s wild clubbing days. 

1. For those unfamiliar with Klub Kids, let’s start out with a brief overview of the book.Klub Kids

It is a fictionalized version of a collection of events that have happened to me over time, along with my friends, of being in the clubs, having fun, dancing, and looking for love.   At times, it was crazy fun, at other times, lots of heartbreak.  But through it all, I had solid friendship and lots of dancing.  I purposefully don’t make it during a certain timeframe, blurring it all because I have younger friends who, and I hate they do this, say stuff like they hate reading things too old, and two refuse to watch black and white movies.  (Like, ikr?)   Argh!!!  LOL. So, these events could have happened in the 90’s, 2000’s, or last weekend.

2. Why did you decide to write a fictionalized story instead of a memoir? How much of this mimics your actual experiences?  

Sometimes, real facts play out too seriously. I have wrote a lot of comedy scripts, and comedy plays, and have done stand-up too.  So I know I can handle the humor end.  Fictionalizing it gives me the opportunity to exaggerate and heighten already humorous situations and make them funnier.  (Basically, I’m a comedian at heart, and like to touch the tips of emotional icebergs hidden beneath the surface.  In real life, it’s how I handle those situations also.)  I’d say 75% of the book happened, 25% is being stretched to make it funnier for the reader.  Names have been changed to protect the guilty, heh.

3. What prompted you to write this book?

It grew out of my friends telling me, every time I started in on telling them all the stories from back then, I’d have them in stitches, and they’d be, “You just have to put these stories into a book!”  The more I thought about it, the more it seemed the right thing to do.

4. What was your goal in writing this book? 

To make as many people laugh as possible, and to also give gay men an insight on relaxing when searching for love out there, and just being themselves. That means, accept all their flaws, and insecurities, and learn to laugh at all the bumps and potholes they will encounter along the way.

5. What was your writing process like? 

I put all the stories down I remembered. Then thread them through the plot lines, and make it flow with my sarcasm and dialogue. My book has a certain flow, and I tried very hard to keep it that way, even through the sensitive moments.

6. Tell me a bit about your publisher and how you found them. Did you use an agent? Was this the sort of small publishing enterprise that required an initial investment from you? Also, I noticed that Punk Publishing is in England, so I’m wondering how that affected their ability to market your book. 

Well, actually, I had sent it out to a few publishers. They wanted me to change a lot of items about my book.  One didn’t like my snarkiness, nor the flow I had going. The second didn’t like my “thoughts” sections that I had in, that came from my heart. One also didn’t like my cover, which I designed myself too, and wanted a professional to do it for me. I stopped them.  I published it myself, through Amazon, book and ebook.  (I made up Punk Publishing …  coughs …  didn’t know there was one in England.  Doh!)  But, I did not want to give up on my exact vision of what I wanted published.

7. What have you been doing to market your book? 

Asked reviewers and bloggers if they’d be interested in reviewing, been hyping it on Facebook, been trying hard to just get it in people’s hands.

8. Do you have any plans for future books? 

This is just volume one of the trilogy. I’m 100 pages into the sequel, which will be Klub Kids 2: Winter/Spring. Three will be summer.

You can purchase Klub Kids on Amazon in either paperback or Kindle edition HERE.


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