This is the first piece of content from the journalism class at the Tompkins County Jail. Glynis Hart and I are co-teaching this class and I’m very pleased to be able to have some content (and a website) to share with everyone now. The inmate who wrote this wished to remain anonymous, but she is a wonderful woman and this is an excellent start. I hope that she continues to do better for herself and that she continues to stay sober.

Musings in Orange

The unbearable pain of separation comes and goes. The separation from the ones we love most is heartbreaking. Separating us from our homes, communities, and anything familiar is the punishment. It weighs heavy on our hearts and souls, day in and day out and never does it go away.

Containment, confinement are not natural states for most human beings. I feel for the animals in the zoo; some have been born in captivity, never knowing freedom.

I have been punished for breaking the rules once, although it feels like this incarceration is for every wrongdoing in my lifetime.

The guilt, shame and self-loathing that comes with addiction, which to me is the ultimate selfishness.

At times it pummels me while I lay there in tears…

At times I am all right and can think of this as temporary. But usually it’s the constant longing to be anywhere else.

I have myself…

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