Ithaca Prisoner Justice Network

This week, Ithaca Prisoner Justice Network got together with Ithaca College Books Thru Bars to host an event about solitary confinement. The guest speaker, Stacy Burnett, was stellar and engaging and was able to use her personal experience to shed light on different aspects of solitary confinement.

Burnett served five years behind bars for grand larceny charges — she is bipolar and wrote bad checks during a manic period. During her time in prison, Burnett spent a number of months in s0litary confinement for non-violent rules violations. She explained to a rapt audience at Ithaca College about the three different types of solitary confinement used in New York’s prison — SHU, Keeplock, and Obso (slang for psychiatric observation). SHU is the most restrictive of the punitive types of isolation; Keeplock is also a punitive version of isolation, but with slightly fewer restrictions. Obso, which is ostensibly for mental health reasons and not…

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