Raping the Gods sounds like an offensively titled book – and as it turns out, it’s deliberately offensively titled. The book’s author, Brian Whitney, is a recovering sex addict with a twisted sense of humor (which leads him to bizarre and offensive-sounding titles). Although in the past he’s worked as everything from a counselor to a landscaper, now he’s a freelance writer for sites like substance.com, The Fix, and disinfo.com.

So let’s with you telling a little bit about yourself. Other than writing books, what do you do for a living?

Everything I do is in the book world in one way or the other.  I make most of my living, such as it is, ghostwriting and editing. I also promote books for a large independent publisher, and have started a publishing imprint called Strawberry Books, with a friend of mine, where I publish other authors. I am one of those people that does my best work when I am hungry. Having a back up plan doesn’t do much for my creativity and drive.

Your current release, Raping the Gods, is not your first book, right? How many others have you written and were they all in this genre?

I have two other books of fiction out, 37 Stories About 37 Women, and Am I Pleasing You.

What genre is Raping the Gods anyway? I know you write about sex addiction, so is this erotica?

It isn’t erotica. My books are almost always about sex in some way, but more the psychological side of what is going on. My first two books are dark, this one is actually funny,  but they aren’t turn on’s.  My stuff isn’t easily classifiable.

Why did you get into this subject matter?

Brian Whitney
Brian Whitney, author and Great Dane lover

I personally have had a lot of issues around addiction, and all of my writing touches on that in some way.   While substances have always been a problem, my sexual behavior was totally out of control. I spent years struggling with sexual addiction issues.

What made you decide to write about it?

Even though I am a fiction writer, I still write what I know. My life has been odd, and I know a lot of odd people, so I take inspiration from my life to create stories.  A lot of the things I have experienced have been mind blowing, and it helps to get it out there.

Is writing this type of material a trigger for you?

Not at all. My mind goes where it goes regardless. Writing it down just helps.

What’s your writing process like?

I just work every day. If I were to give anyone advice about how to write it would be that. Just work every day, make it a habit, don’t make it something that you come back to later on.

Was there anything in particular that inspired this book?

A buddy, who used to live in Samoa,  and I were talking and he came up with a ridiculous name for a book, which was “Raping the Gods” We both thought that was hilariously in bad taste, so I decided to go for it. Then we fleshed out a plot, where a ghostwriter had to go to Samoa, to write the memoirs of this rich lunatic. Then I just filled in the rest with my own bizarre mindRaping the Gods: A tale of sex and madness

What do you do for publicity – do you have any events coming up?

I just hustle. There is an interview with me coming out in Cracked over the next month, and I have placed pieces about my book in some popular websites over the last few weeks. Promoting is like writing, I force myself to do it every day.

Do you have a next book that you’re working on?

Not of my own. Right now my main priority is finishing up a book I am writing with Rebecca Lord, who is a French porn star. I think people will like it. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and understands how ridiculous her position in life is.

To pick up a copy of Raping the Gods, check out Whitney on Amazon


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