This month is Suicide Prevention Month, but according to a new study, adequate mental health care is still out of reach for most people. Click on the image below to learn more.



One thought on “Why Aren’t Americans Getting Adequate Mental Health Care?

  1. In 1961, as a freshman in high school, I wrote an English composition about why I thought people should be encouraged to have annual mental health checkups as well as physical ones. Over the years, I have looked back and thought that was pretty wise for a 13 year old. Of course, it was a plea for help for the depression that has plagued me since age 9. It was my first memory of considering suicide. Once you recognize that possibility for dealing with your problems, it hangs over you like a vulture patiently waiting for the day that you finally have the courage to do it. Fortunately, I only made serious attempts while intoxicated – so I stopped drinking. Not the best treatment for mental illness but it has kept me alive all these years. I still think my idea long ago was a good one.

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