My first opinion piece for the Daily News:



2 thoughts on “Get Angry About Prison Labor

  1. Keri, I agree with you about the wages paid, but I believe inmates should work. My son worked for Unicor in South Carolina and he loved his job, even though it only paid 65 cents per hour. It gave him something to do and he was proud of himself when he got promoted. It also taught him skills: how to work with others, follow orders, and even lead a team.
    As with most movements, making a change about the wages paid to inmates will take time and effort. Maybe, if paid a fair wage, more inmates would be willing to work, instead of sitting around figuring out who they want an argument with next. But, no one should be put in solitary because they don’t want to work. Had to be a better way.

    1. I’m not arguing they shouldn’t work or have the option to, just that private companies shouldn’t be profiting off jobs paid cents on the hour. (And wow! 65 cents is huge in prison terms!)

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