New York City is a land of bridges and tunnels. Click on the image below to read a detailed account of the story behind some of the island’s better known crossings.




One thought on “A Look at New York City’s Tunnels and Bridges

  1. What a wonderful article! These structures are so amazing yet we just take them for granted every day. How valuable for us to learn all the thought and processes (compression and decompression chambers for the workers on the tunnels) that went into designing and constructing these bridges and tunnels. FDR was a truly special politician to insure that these structures we still rely on were built by our government. No private company would be inspired to take on such. This is the kind of forethought and courage we need today if we are to thrive for the next 100 years. Such projects take the tax money of ALL citizens, and political leaders with guts to complete such achievements. Both are in short supply today and yet, we face future societal suicide without them.

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