BTW LogoMy first night in prison I barely slept. It wasn’t so much that I was worried “dropping the soap” or getting attacked – it’s just that it was prison. But it was nothing like I expected.

That was just over seven years ago, but that first night stuck with me, and it seemed like a good starting place for a new podcast. Tune in every couple weeks to listen to me and my cohost – former corrections union president Lance Lowry – talk about Texas prisons and prison policy.

Here’s the link to subscribe

One thought on “Podcast: The first night in prison is not how you imagine

  1. Kerry,
    You give me hope…as an 80 year old “kool kid” I hope you continue investigating. Have you ever heard of USP Florence “High”? No one has exposed that gladiator school! When my son gets out of Federal Prison…1-2 years (having served 20 already) I have a wealth of material to donate. Please email me, if you wish. Sincerely, Dian.

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