From time to time I cover jail- and prison-related news stories both here and on other sites. The article or post titles and the date I posted them are listed below (as active links):

NY State Inmates in Solitary Confinement Surpass 4,000 Despite Vows to Limit Use (12/6/2015)
Johann Hari on Billie Holiday, Harry Anslinger, and the War on Drugs
Guard Caught Making Out with Inmate in Upstate NY Jail
Warm-Hearted Cop Rents Hotel Room for Homeless Family (9/25/15)
Andrew Cuomo Announces Policy to Help Ex-Cons Seeking Jobs (9/25/15)
In Fixing the System Obama Gets Personal about the War on Drugs
Could Safe Injection Sites for IV Drug Users Be In the Works for NYC? (9/22/15)
Narcos Finale Leaves Room for Second Season (9/23/15)
44 Years After Attica, Six Other Prison Uprisings to Remember
Drug Policies of 2016’s Candidates, Part 2
Ban the Box Legislation: When Do You Admit That You’re a Felon?
The Drug Policies of 2016’s First Crop of Candidates (5/2/15)
Civic Ensemble’s New Theatre Reentry Program (4/16/15)
NYU Starts Prison Education Program (3/12/15)
Prison Express Art Exhibition Planned (3/11/15)
Solitary Confinement is State-Sanctioned Torture and It’s Putting Everyone at Risk (2/27/14)
Time to “Rethink Our Priorities” About Drug Crime (2/20/15)
Correctional Association Releases Report on Reproductive Health Care (2/14/15)
Pseudo-Progress on Solitary Confinement
Freezing to Death in Florida
Syracuse: Another Ban the Box Success
TEDx on Juvenile Justice
New York State Recidivism Rate Decreases
Ban the Box Success in Woodstock
Is the War on Drugs Over?
Drug Policy and Voting (11/2/14)
Ithaca College Students Restart Books Thru Bars Program
Guess What the U.S. Has One-Third Of?
The Move to Ban In-Person Jail Visits
Report Finds Inmate Population Increase
ACLU Seeks Inquiry into Horrifying Prison Shower Death
Drug Drone Crashes Outside Prison
Federal Judge Rules CA Death Penalty Unconstitutional
More Maggots Found in Aramark Food (7/31/14)
Ten Things Orange is the New Black Doesn’t Tell You About Prison and Drugs (7/7/14)
Maggots Found in Michigan Prison Food (7/4/14)
Guest Blog on No Offence
What Louisiana State Pen Says About America
A New Hope: Proposed Federal Solitary Confinement Bill
Felon of the Month: Charles Colson
Why Scandinavian Prisons Have Less Recidivism
Pictures of Injustice: A Shocking Private Prison Infographic
The Fault in Our Prisons: A Mass Incarceration Cartoon
Shocking New Recidivism Statistics
Felon of the Month: Jose Mujica
Reforming Both Prisons and Financial Aid (3/26/14 in Ithaca Times)
Birthing Behind Bars: The Case of Billie Jo Ribble
Because I’m 16: Juvenile Justice in New York
Do Not Go Directly to Tompkins County Jail: Jail Expansions in New York
(3/12/14 in Ithaca Times)
1.7 Million Children Have a Parent in Prison (3/2/14)
Howling in the Night: Solitary Confinement
Dancing Behind Bars
Cuomo Announces Plans for College in Prison
NYCLU and DOCCS Announce Solitary Confinement Reform
Kids for Cash Revisited
Smarter Sentencing Act Moves Away from Mandatory Minimums
(2/9/14 on
Nifty Non-Profits: Spotlight on Milk Not Jails (2/6/14)
Reforming Solitary Confinement with Proposed Assembly Bill (2/5/14 in Ithaca Times)
Former C.O.s and Felons Unite to Oppose Jail Expansion (2/5/14 in Ithaca Times)
Parole Boards: The Hidden Reason Prison Doesn’t Work (1/27/14)
DOCS (Pretends to) Revise Parole Decisions (1/24/14)
Cuomo Addresses Juvenile Justice Reform (1/9/14)
Top Ten Correctional and Crime News Events of 2013 (1/4/14)
Weird Crime: A Modest Proposal (1/3/14)
Man Demands Job at Gun Point (1/1/14 on
Man Arrested with Frankincense, Myrrh, and Marijuana (1/1/14 on
Putin to Free Pussy Riot (12/21/13)
Real-Life Walter White Sentenced to 12 Years (12/18/13 via
73-Year-Old Woman Put in Solitary Confinement (12/11/13)
How You Can Support Prison Reform (12/10/13 via
From Hell: A Brief History of Solitary Confinement (12/2/13)
Prisons Begin Using Computers for Parole Decisions (11/25/13 on
Prison Anthems of Lauryn Hill: The Power of Music Behind Bars (11/24/13)
Hacktivist Jeremy Hammond Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison (11/16/13)
Ashley Smith and the Sins of Solitary: Canadian Suicide in Custody (11/7/13)
Taking Action Against Solitary: NYCLU Lawsuit (10/26/10)
Facebooking to Freedeom: Massachusetts Teen Uses Facebook to Make Bail (10/17/13)
The Racial Dimension of Solitary Confinement: NYCLU Chart on the Uneven Application of Solitary (10/12/13)
Shining Light On Solitary: Article about the Real Experiences of Solitary (10/8/13)
Jail’s Gender Inequalities: Female Inmates Disproportionately Boarded Out (9/29/13)
Hooliganism: Members of Pussy Riot in Solitary (9/24/13)
Tioga Jail Beating: Guard Beats Inmate in Tioga County Jail (9/12/13)


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