Here is a (growing) list of some of the prison and prison reform resources that might be useful:

CAIC: New York Campaign for Alternatives to Isolated Confinement is a state-wide campaign for limiting the use and abuse of solitary confinement by lobbying for the use of humane alternatives.

Correctional Association of New York has been a strong advocate for prison reform since 1844.

Ex-Offenders Resource Network is a non-profit dedicated to helping ex-offenders find jobs upon their release.

Homepage for Piper Kerman, author of Orange Is the New Black. Kerman has a number of useful links of her own as well as various useful prison statistics. And of course, you can read more about her prison memoirs as well.

History of Prison Reform in America: I think the link title is self-explanatory.

The Innocence Project is the nationally renowned organization dedicated to exonerating the wrongly accused and convicted through the use of DNA evidence.

National HIRE Network is intended to help with the process of finding a job post-incarceration.

National Lawyers’ Guild: The NLG aims to unite lawyers, law students, and jailhouse lawyers as an effective force to serve the people.

New York State Prisoner Justice Network: The New York State Prisoner Justice Network is a state-wide group dedicated to is to challenging and changing New York’s criminal injustice system.

Solitary Watch: Solitary Watch is a web-based project dedicated to limiting the use of solitary confinement.

Women’s Prison Association: There are 1,500 women released from New York State prisons every year. The Women’s Prison Association aims to improve their conditions both during and after their incarceration.


2 thoughts on “Prison Reform Resources

  1. Keri,

    Hi, my name is James E. Whitfield. I am an ex-offender who served 17.5 years for the crime of bank robbery. And, left prison with a law-related degree with a 3.8 GPA on 1/3/05, and no one wanted to hire me. So I started a non-profit organization to help other ex-offenders, to wit, EX-OFFENDERS RESOURCE NETWORK, INC., ( To date we have been viewed and studied in over 100 Countries including all 50 States here in the USA. Our expansion plans includes development of Chapters in all 50 States.

    I think we should talk, and help spread this resource with others.
    Thank you,
    James E. Whitfield

    1. I will add it to my resources page! Normally I see an email address when someone leaves a comment but I’m not seeing one here, so if you want to talk email me, IVLeagueKeri[at]

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