Keri Blakinger is a Texas-based journalist and the author of the Corrections in Ink, a memoir tracing her path from figure skating to heroin addiction to prison and, finally, to life as an investigative reporter covering mass incarceration. Currently she is a staff writer for The Marshall Project, and her work has appeared VICE, The Washington Post Magazine, NBC News, the BBC and more. 

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In her years as a reporter, Keri has covered hurricanes, drug raids, and executions, and investigated everything from prison deaths and police killings to sexual harassment behind bars and racially slanted outcomes in juvenile courts. Her reporting prompted the Texas prison system to begin providing dentures for toothless inmates instead of serving them pureed food, and her investigation into wrongful child abuse diagnoses led to a change in state law.

She got her start in journalism in 2013 at The Ithaca Times, then moved to the New York Daily News before landing a job at the Houston Chronicle. In 2019, she participated in Pop Up Magazine’s fall tour, performing to sold-out crowds from New York’s Lincoln Center to Oakland’s Paramount. That same year, she reported a long-form narrative for the Washington Post Magazine’s Prison Issue, which won National Magazine Award for Best Single-Topic Issue. 

She joined The Marshall Project in 2020, where she investigates prisons across the country and writes a regular column for NBC News. To contact her directly, email keriblakinger[at]gmail[dot]com or follow her on Twitter @keribla or on Instagram @keriblakinger. To get her book, pre-order on the publisher’s website, Amazon or your favorite bookseller.

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Illustration by Matt Hunyh