An elite, competitive figure skater, Keri Blakinger poured herself into the sport, until her career fell apart and her world collapsed. The next 9 years were a blur of drugs and darkness as she unraveled, veering between homelessness and college.

Then, during her senior year at Cornell, Keri got arrested with a Tupperware full of heroin. In the “upside down” of prison, she met women from all walks of life – women who would change her forever.

Two years later, Keri walked out sober and with a second chance—an opportunity shaped by privilege she realized so many people behind bars did not have. Told with unflinching honesty and jolts of irreverent humor, a woman once incarcerated – now an award-winning journalist – emerges with a determination to expose our broken system.

Corrections in Ink publishes June 7, 2022. Here’s how to pre-order: